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Love Lost Jacket

Love Lost Jacket

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The Love Lost Jacket is a handmade Trucker Jacket created using mostly vintage blankets from the 80´s and 90´s that have been meticulously sourced from flea markets and vintage stores for over two years, we searched for blankets with the right colour palettes, patterns and highest quality. The fabrics are cut by hand and the jackets are crafted and put together in our Barcelona Atelier. 

The Love Lost jacket is a one of a king piece. It has been created using limited fabrics that cannot be recreated due to their natural character and life journey, just as a person changes through time, so do materials and fabrics. 

The Love Lost Jacket is size L-XL. 

The Love Lost Jacket cannot be recreated exactly as seen in the image above, however, can recreate this jacket in different sizes with similar fabrics.

  • Size L-XL
  • Upcycled jacket made from recycled blankets
  • Oversized Fit
  • Hand-crafted with love
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