Lillies designer working in studio wearing Sahara jeans and Lillies tee t-shirt

About Lillies

Lillies is a contemporary, up-cycling brand, founded in 2021 based out of Barcelona.

Lillies is a brand offering working exclusively with vintage garments, using materials that are recycled and regenerated. All of our clothing is high-quality, and individually sourced. The brand recycles and uses only what exists in the market today as a means of transforming something old, to something new.

There is a floored beauty in used garments, and we believe the most valuable pieces are those that have character and a history. The reason we choose to work with recycled garments is to ensure that before we even begin work on a garment, that piece of clothing is already one of a kind.

Every piece we produce is designed entirely by hand, in-house. Lillies is heavily inspired by nature and our surroundings, specifically referencing objects, patterns and moments.

The philosophy of Lillies is a rejection of mass production and a gesture to a more antiquated means of production in that everything is produced by hand, in-house and in small batch productions, whilst supporting the local  infrastructure by working with skilled members of the community.

We prize the intimate relationship that we have with our customers; every piece is a hybrid creation that passes from our hands to our customers'. Every garment has experienced a lifetime before us and continues that journey afterwards. 


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