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The Strap Patchwork Jeans

The Strap Patchwork Jeans

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The Lillies Studios Strap Jeans are a pair of rare hand-picked 1992 541 denim jeans created entirely by hand in our Barcelona atelier. 

The Strap Jeans have been inspired by Japanese denim and the art of Kinsugi which highlights imperfections rather than to repair or cover them. The Strap Jeans are made entirely from recycled and up-cycled denim, we work with high-quality genuine vintage denim and create jeans that are made entirely by hand, ensuring each design is entirely unique.

Our design process ensures we offer the most sustainable approach to our denim production, by working suppliers that source European denim and by working with available fabrics and materials taken from the local areas. The end to end production process all takes place within a few miles of our Atelier in Barcelona.

The Strap Jeans are part of our Bespoke Collection which means every garment is 1 of 1. Designed on the highest quality genuine vintage denim jeans, created by hand in our Atelier and will never be reproduced. When purchasing Jeans that are part of the Bespoke Collection, you will own a pair of jeans that are one of a kind.

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