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Rah Shorts

Rah Shorts

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The Rah Shorts are a pair of hand-sewn crochet shorts, sustainably made entirely from repurposed crochet blankets. The Rah Shorts are 1 of 1 due to the finite fabric from which they were produced; only one piece has been made.

  • Elasticated Waist
  • Medium Length
  • Medium Leg Width
  • Fit sizes L-XXL
  • 100% Cotton

Each fabric has been hand sourced and selected by hand to ensure that we use only create the highest quality garments.

NOTE: Garments may include small marks, blemishes or signs of wear and ageing. We work with re-used, second hand and vintage garments to maintain a sustainable and conscious production cycle; we believe this simply represents the garments character and should be viewed as a sign of the garment individuality and uniqueness.

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